Guillotine pcb depanelization machine


     Guillotine pcb depanelization machine, pneumatic pcb depanelization machine is characteristic of PCB depanelization machine interface 

design. It uses more in line with our operating practices of the interface design, so that the corresponding technical jobs can better meet the

actual needs of productive activities, thereby greatly reducing the investment in terms of human and material resources, but also to a large

extent promote the production of specialized level. pcb depanelization machine settings on the characteristics of a spatula. General production

parts to operate the equipment debugging, the debugging level for workers is a certain degree of technical proficiency requirements, but like

pcb depanelization machine such instruments is making it through improved design in respect for the relevant spatula the degree of skilled

technical staff has been greatly reduced, so that not only reduces the work intensity modulated knife master, but also a lot of respect novice to

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