depaneling Machine of species Have What

     depaneling usually refers PCB depaneling Machine, is the circuit board depaneling Machine, depaneling are widely used in electronics manufacturing. Because the traditional way of doing flap will have a strong stress, a serious impact on product quality, so artificial flap has largely been replaced by machine scoreboard.

depaneling divided into the following categories:

1, Motorized depaneling.

2, Ramjet depaneling.

3, Routing type depaneling.

4, laser depaneling.

5, guillotine depaneling.

These four sub-board machine advantages and disadvantages:
1. Motorized formula depaneling advantages: low cost disadvantages: only linear scoreboard burrs.
2. Ramjet depaneling advantages: low initial investment cost, fast. Disadvantages: Due to special mold plate must be designed, high cost of late. There Stress
3. Routing depaneling advantages: can be any shape scoreboard, stress is very small, cutting edge without burr. Disadvantages: larger first cost.
4. Laser depaneling advantage: along with the advantages of Routing type depaneling and may differentiating the PCB board cut, stress-free Disadvantages: expensive machine.
5. guillotine depaneling advantages: pure pneumatic (air pressure plant commonly used to), compact (desktop), large output can be cut to any width thickness of the aluminum plate, high cost.

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