4G era The arrival, PCB Cutting Machine Catch a ride electricity supplier network

  1.    2013 year , the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology official release 4G licenses, declaring China's communications industry into the 4G era. 4G era, PCB Cutting Machine also catch the electricity supplier network to catch this group ride itself conduct marketing and sales.

   2.  4G era, a mobile social network became more real: the rate of faster wireless broadband, smarter mobile devices, different functions, a great variety of all kinds of APP and mobile application platforms, making our lives more exciting, more and more boring time had to be moved debris filled Internet, mobile phones will become even accompany us the longest, most personal items, after becoming a TV, PC, following the most important piece of the screen.

 3.  In the 4G era, PCB Cutting Machine how to achieve sales. First, manufacturers can go to the major forums, and other industry websites and blog post, is to promote a product, but also to advertise yourself, multiple multi-circuit, increase exposure, this is the way to sit back and wait, the more luck, send information there will be more later telephone consultation, the number does not matter how much, as long as the telephone instructions or effective. Secondly, the sales process is to make friends, to find ways to make more friends, clients will follow. Many people are not your customers, maybe tomorrow is unexpected and perhaps he will introduce more businessmen friends to you, especially you need to do online sales continue to accumulate, sometimes the client resources to build from the chat online today communication, network communication tool is nothing more than QQ, MSN, e-mail, as well as Baidu hi, business communication, etc., add more industry groups, to participate in chat. In addition, some forum users question, take the initiative to keep abreast of, or contact with him, to be able to answer sincere answer, and attach your friend's tone of communication, such as QQ, MSN and so on. Finally, the manufacturers via the Internet to buyers who bought the product after-sales service, tracking and retain buyers actively developing new customers.

  4.     4G era, network e-commerce gradually transferred from the computer to the mobile media from, PCB Cutting Machine manufacturers have to seize the actual catch a ride 4G era, to realize their own marketing, major development.

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