16-year SMT Depaneling old recalled and future industry trends analysis

    The rapid development of enterprises, continually promoters rapid development of our business, our industry continues to move forward, along with our SMT Depaneling birth, our business has been rapid manufacturing capacity increase, a large number of bulk products manufacture, It led to the accelerated development of social development, which greatly facilitates the production of our daily life. Today YUSH Electronic Technology Co., Ltd with everyone and talk about SMT Depaneling of the development process.

    SMT is important electronic components, is the support of electronic components, electronic components electrical adapter provider. Because it is the adoption of electronic printing manufacturing, it is called "printed" circuit board, SMT Depaneling. And now, China is the world's largest SMT manufacturing countries, although the global financial crisis caused a huge crisis smt, but did not form a catastrophic impact on China smt industry in national economic policy, supported by China's SMT Depaneling property presented in 2012 fully awake state, in 2012 China smt value of up to $ 19.971 billion. Estimated, 2010 - The 2015 China will adhere to a compound annual rate of increase of 8.10%, 5.40% higher than the global rate of increase of uniformity.

    SMT Depaneling, productivity point of view of who is the first in the world, but the whole production smt technical level, the country still lags behind the world's advanced level. In the industrial structure, the most entrenched plywood output ratio, but most low-end product plywood. HDI, SMT PCBA Depaneling have a certain technical content of science and technology with Japan and other overseas advanced product gaps, highest-tech IC carrier in the country is very few companies can master.

     Today, China 2025 program has been in full swing in progress, Depaneling industry as one of the manufacturing industry under such national economic development strategy can be done? But also to derive what support it?

     China 2025 strategic plan defined national manufacturing innovation center, intelligent manufacturing, strong industrial base, green manufacturing, high-end equipment innovation five key projects, and a new generation of information and communication technology industry, high-end CNC machine tools and robotics, aerospace equipment, more than 10 large areas of focus. It is driven by innovation as the core, industrialization and depth of integration of information technology as the main line to Intelligent Manufacturing - Manufacturing Digital intelligent network as the main direction. These areas are the ten key projects and the coming period, Chinese manufacturing transformation and upgrading of the starting point and focus breakthrough.

     Continued rapid development of the industry, continue to promote the economic development of our society, our companies are constantlyforward, we continue to develop only will we be able to achieve a strong position in the future competition in the industry.

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