PCB Cutter machine manufacturers to use Samsung Smart bracelet share against Apple\'s smart watch

1. Samsung smart bracelet patent exposure, the entire bracelet by the multi-touch surface display block splicing, its display can be rotated together according wrist posture, keeping always toward the user.

2. Apple is likely to release the second generation of Apple Watch next month, Samsung gear S3 and S3 classic gear smartwatch is expected in the earlier IFA 2016 debut, under which Apple and Samsung have to head-up. With innovative display, processor and other hardware technology, intelligent form of wearable devices is in fact quietly changing, for example, we fit on the 2 and the second-generation Microsoft bracelet in Gear to see the more fit the curve of the wrist curved screen, and from the recent exposure of the patent, the Samsung in the future may use smart bracelet against Apple's smart watch.

3. Samsung is described in this patent document are connected by a plurality of curved screen made smart bracelet, adsorbed to each other by a magnetic force between each section of the curved screen, and they can be combined to surround display various information. Its user interface diagram shows, the smart bracelet to monitor records the number of steps, heart rate, sleep, environmental UV intensity and other information, and also supports a music player, the operating system generally available through the tap, slide completed.

4. Moreover, because the display around the entire wrist, the wrist is rotated so that when important information and time will also rotate together, keeping always toward the user, it looks very humane. It is worth mentioning that, LG have shown off with a flexible wraparound OLED display, although this appears to be the most intelligent bracelet really looks like, but from a technical point of view, curved screen section formula is also regarded as a good the transition program.
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