Depanelizer Manufacturers to Explain PCB Board how Much Temperature?

PCB circuit board temperature is how much? PCB circuit board how to test heat resistance? These are the customers often consult the problem.
YUSH Depanelizer experts on the following to you in detail about:

First: the maximum temperature of the PCB circuit board is how much time is the number of temperature?

     PCB board of the maximum temperature is 300 degrees, 5-10 seconds. Lead-free wave soldering when the temperature is about 260, over lead 240 degrees.


Second: heat resistance test

       Pre-preparation: PCB production board tin furnace

       1, sampling 10 * 10cm of the substrate (or plywood, finished board) 5pcs; (including copper substrate without blistering layer phenomenon)

       Substrate: 10cycle or more

       Plywood: LOW CTE 150 10cycle or more

       HTg material 10cycle above

       Normal material 5cycle or more

       Finished board: LOW CTE 150 5cycle or more

       HTg material 5cycle above

       Normal Material 3cycle Above

       2, set the tin furnace temperature of 288 +/- 5 degrees, and the use of contact thermometer measurement correction;

       3, the first brush with a soft brush dipping flux, applied to the board, and then take the crucian pliers cheek test plate immersed in the tin furnace, the time 10sec Remove the cooling to room temperature, visual blistering blister board there, this is 1cycle;

       4, if the visual discovery of foam blasting problem, immediately stop the dip tin analysis initiation point f / m, if no problem, and then continue

Until the burst plate to 20 times as the end;

       5, bubble at the need to slice analysis to understand the source of the detonation point, and take pictures.

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