YSVC-1A infinite length aluminum substrate slitting machine

Infinite Long Light Strip Cutting Machine Infinite Long Aluminum Substrate Slitting Machine YSVC-1A Features:

1. The cutter adopts imported steel from Sweden. It is made by Taiwan professional knife company, which is wear-resistant and has long service life. The blade can be repeatedly used for grinding.

2, the upper and lower knife distance can be accurately adjusted to solve the V-CUT depth problem, minimize the internal stress generated when cutting the board to avoid tin cracking.

3. The motor is a supporting service for famous brands in Shanghai, and the whole machine is easy to maintain.

4. The body is made of aluminum alloy one-piece casting light and compact, which does not occupy space, simple operation, high speed and high-profile, up to 1000 pieces per hour.
5. The upper and lower round knives can be precisely adjusted. Any PCB board and aluminum substrate with V-CUT can be used for this machine.
6, according to the length of the PCB can be made of stainless steel platforms of different lengths, easy to operate.

7. The surface spray powder baking varnish is a special process and is not easy to fall off.

Infinitely long light strip slitting machine Infinitely long aluminum substrate slitting machine YSVC-1A Specifications:

1, machine model YSVC-1A
2, host size length X width X height 280x420x400mm
1.2 m stainless steel platform size length X width X height 1200X500X400mm
2.4 m stainless steel platform size length X width X height 2400X500X400mm
3, the maximum length of the board is unlimited
4, the board speed 0-400mm / s
5, the thickness of the board 0.6-3.5mm
6, the use of voltage 220VAC
7, machine weight 45kg
8, rated power 40W

Yushunli equipment service advantages:

1, the original manufacturer of the board machine, price concessions

2, limited time complaint handling service, half a hour to respond to customers

3. Sub-board experts provide professional PCB/FPC sub-board solutions
4, limited time to arrive at your company repair service

5, 24 hours a day technical support services

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