Automatic Pcb Separator Punching Pcb and FPC with Model Punching PCB without Strees

LED Soft Lamp Strip Slitter-YSFPC-3

Machine Model: Patented Product YSFPC-3


(1) Easy to operate, ordinary employees can operate on the machine after simple guidance, and can realize full start-up to make unmanned production according to the requirements of the production line.

(2) Touch screen operation, PLC control, precision guide and stepper motor drive are adopted. A whole PC lamp with splicing board achieves full automatic separation, simple operation, convenient use and high efficiency.

(3) The cutter-type splitting mode with the action of knife-feeding ensures that FPC circuit boards will not produce various kinds of dark injuries in the splitting process.

(4) Touch screen display has the function of automatic counting and visual display of output.

(5) Tools are made of high-quality high-speed steel imported from Germany, and their durability is the highest in the market through test and comparison.

(6) The lamp belt is cut in one time, and the cutting time of 1200mm lamp board is less than 10 seconds.

(7) Number of lathes per time: 1-54 blades are adjusted separately with a minimum width of 2MM. The positioning holes of the flexible plate are fixed and the blades are sliced.

(8) Safety electro-eye protection to ensure safe production.

FPC Lamp Strip Slitter, LED Soft Lamp Strip Slitter

1. Touch screen operation, PLC control, precision guide and stepper motor drive.

2. Cutting speed: 0-100mm/s

3. Number of slats per time: 54

4. Work area: 1200*300 MM

5. Work mode: fixed positioning hole of soft plate, cutting blade.

6. Blade adjustment mode: separate section, minimum parting width 4MM

7. Voltage requirements: 220V

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