Multi Slitter Cutting LED Strip MCPCB PCB Separator for LED

Extension machine, YSATM-3L delivery packaging and after-sales service:

1. Mainly in accordance with customer requirements, depending on the specific situation, distance, door-to-door delivery, the choice is wrapped in wrapped film or wooden cases.

2. The whole machine is guaranteed free of charge for one year from the date of purchase.

3. Lifelong maintenance, technical support and maintenance of the machine after the warranty period.

4. After-sales service is timely, fast and high-quality, saving time and increasing efficiency for customers.

Desktop Multi-knife Plate Breaker-YSATM-3L

Extension board, YSATM-3L features:

Multi-strip PCB V slots can be cut at the same time without distortion, and the speed is fast.

Each of them has one upper and one lower, which can be divided into several groups precisely at the same time, so as to improve the efficiency of the system.

Conveyor platform can be installed before and after, height can be adjusted freely, and the operation of setting and falling board is convenient.

Reduce the internal stress generated during cutting to a relatively low level to avoid tin cracking.

All long PCB boards with V-Cut are suitable for this machine.

The upper and lower round knives can be adjusted accurately, and the round knives can be grinded and reused many times.

Extension board, YSATM-3L parameters:.

Use voltage: 110/220V

(2) Weight: 70kg (including platform)

(3) Number of slats: customizable

(4) Plate width: 8-225mm

The length of parting board: 100mm to infinite length.

Thickness of partition board: 0.8-3.5mm

_Standard plug-in platform length: 160mm

External dimensions of plug-in platform (MM): 355*405*330

Standard lamp platform length: 1150mm

_Lamp Bar Platform Shape Size (MM): 1155*405*330

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