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1. Automatic Screw Machine Product Description:

The screw machine adopts XYZ platform (double lock head, double sliding table lock payment movement mechanism). It is made of parts imported from Japan and combined with high-quality domestic parts, which has the advantages of low consumption, high efficiency and stability.

2. working principle
1. This automatic screw machine is a double-station screw machine, which can simultaneously drive two different specifications of screws, and the two stations are independent of each other without interference. Only need to adjust the XYZ coordinates to replace the product. The operation is simple and easy to understand. The manual only takes the product. The machine automatically locks the screw through induction control and can judge whether the screw is locked. The machine with a poorly locked product will give an alarm to facilitate the identification of defective products.
2. Adjust the product position only by operating the handle, align the XYZ coordinates with the screw hole, confirm the save, reset, and XYZ returns to the origin. Put the product in the universal fixture, automatically sense (manual and automatic operation modes for selection) the product is locked, after locking, take out the product, and then put in the second product. The two workstations interfere with each other, operate independently, and work cyclically.
YSL-LS5441, wide adaptability:
It can be used for screws with a diameter of 1.0-3.0. To change to other types of screws, you only need to change the vibration pocket, applicator nozzle, and adjust the applicator force.
One person can operate multiple machines;
The employees are mainly responsible for product picking and placing, the machine automatically fetches screws and locks, and one person can operate 2-3 machines.
High-efficiency locking screws:
The efficiency of the machine to lock a screw can reach 1.4 seconds or less, which is more than double the manual efficiency.
 In addition to the air source, there is no need to add any additional consumables.
Comparing machines and humans, apart from the need for air source, there is no need to add any consumables.
 3: Automatic alarm function
When there is a phenomenon that the screw is not sucked, the screw is slidingly pressed, and the screw is floating, the machine will automatically check and alarm, and the defective product will not be allowed to flow down. Ensure the quality of the product.
 High stability
The main components adopt imported parts and are precisely processed to ensure the stability and reliability of the machine.
 Perfect man-machine combination
 Double-head double platform, when A station puts products, A station automatically starts, B station puts products on, B station automatically starts, maximize and rationalize the configuration of people and machines.
The labor saving design of putting forward and fetching later.
Low cost, high return
The efficiency of screwing and screwing a machine is twice that of ordinary labor. The machine adopts double-head and double-station, which can replace 2 people. The purchase of one machine can save 2-3 people for the enterprise.

 Touch screen man-machine dialogue, simple operation
Using advanced touch technology, the man-machine dialogue is simple, easy, simple to operate, 2 minutes of operation, 5 minutes of independent programming, and product conversion.
Large storage memory, easy conversion
The program record memory can reach 300 groups, and a product only needs to be programmed once, and it can be called directly in the next production.

4: Main technical parameters:
 Double head, double platform: double X, double Y, double Z, all independently controlled, perfect match.
 Large operating platform: XYZ stroke of a single station reaches 350*400*150 MM, independent property rights, can be adjusted according to customer products
High efficiency: One screw can be locked for 1.4 seconds (this data will change slightly according to the moving distance)
Number of program record groups: 300 groups
Man-machine dialogue: touch screen
Transmission mode: high-speed imported stepping motor, screw rod, linear guide rail
Defective product: automatic alarm
Repeatability: +-0.02MM
Suitable for screw straight: M1-M6
Safety: emergency stop switch,
Air pressure 0.4-0.5Mpa 50L/min
Power supply: 220AC 50HZ
Overall size: 1000*500*600MM.
Weight: 85KG
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