1200 millimeters long PCB Depaneling machine-YSVJ-650

1.200 millimeters long PCB Depaneling machine-YSVJ-650

Product description

auto feeding pcb cutting machine, cutter roll pcb separator, components lead cutting machine  with conveyor belt , programmable machine for SMT product line

conveyor belt size: 1040mm(L) x 142mm(W) x 127mm(H) weight:11.3KG conveyor belt packing size: 1090mm(L) x 192mm(W) x 177mm(H) weight:12.3KG  


Machine dimension: 1100×630×730mm

Maximum cutting length: 300mm

Cutting width: 58mm-220mm

Cutting thickness: 0.2-3mm

Voltage: AC 230V/110V

Cutting speed: 1 cut/s


?1. Controlled by computer and with counter device, you can set the processing production and the screen shows the gap better upper and lower blade.;

?2. With multi-groups of blade, this machine can cut many pieces of singles board for one time.;

?3. The shaft of upper blade is adjustable from 0mm to 5mm;

?4.The distance between blade is adjustable, suitable to cut pcb with width from 15mm to 20mm.;

?5.The blade is made of SKH51 high speed steel, durable with long service life;

?6.The cutting speed is controlled by the rotary knob;

?7.No limits to the cutting length;

?8.Cutting thickness:0.2mm-5.0mm;

?9.The transfer belt can take the separated boards out, so the machine can dock the assembly line;

?10.This machine is suitable for pcb control panel, fr4, aluminum base board, etc(longer than 400mm) and special board;

11.With multi-blade and easy operation, this machine fits mass production.

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