Automatic USB Port PCB Cutting Machine

1. Feature:Automatic USB Port PCB Cutting Machine

1.X10 zoom-in image makes programming easier&increase the accuracy of point setting.


2.Two sliding table provides simultaneously in-and-out movement to reduce the tack time for better productivity.


3.AUTO MARK offset system.CCD image could check&simulate the path or routing to reduce unnecessary mistake before cutting.



4. Has routing bit life time checking and alarm system to remind operator to change routing bits when it finish 120M cutting. And routing bit first 2mm cut the first miling point, middle 2mm cut the second milling point, the last 2mm cut the third milling point to increase its life time.


5. CCD image could check&simulate the path or routing to reduce unnecessary mistake before cutting.


2. Parts List

I. Hardware 
SPINDLEmorning star spindle
CCDSony 520 line industrial cameras
LENSComputar EX2C
ScrewTBI Precision ground ball screw imports
GuideHIWIN widening Imported linear guide rail
MOTORJiaBao LCF Series
I/O CARDPCI-9074-64pcs/-38pcs
Static cleanupSTATIC-ST401A Series
Computer(RMC-8401/6113LP4/300ATX/8651VNA/P4 2.8G 2CPU(S)/1G DDR/80G)
Machine interfaceAOC LCD17",Logitech mouse
2. software 
Control systemWindows XP Professional (Service3,v.3244)
Operation GUIEnglish Windows XP
Program editInline
Vision systemCCD AOTU offset
Control systemF 1.2.88 version

3. Parameters

Height offset60~110mm
Motor typeJiaBao series
Positioning repeatability0.001mm
Axis working area(max)830mm*580mm*50mm
Work station 
PCB fixationstandard,specialization
PCB loading/unloadingmanual
PCB size (max)320*320mm(could be customized make)
PCB thick (max)5mm
Rigidity fixturingcustomized make fixture
Fixturing fixationmachinery
Spindle Motor 
Protectself/wind cooling
Change cutterSpecialization
Routing capability 
Cutting speed(max.)80mm/s
Driving speed(max.)2500mm/s
Precision of cutting0.01mm
Vacuum System 
Vacuum power3.5KW AC 380V
Power2.0KW AC380V
Air supply4-6KG/cm2
Program editInline
Function editLine,arc,circula,U-curve
Program storageHDD
Vision systemSONE colour CCD
milling cutter offsetAUTO
Vacuum setupAUTO
Operation Monitors 
IindicatorIindicator Machine state
tool checkAutomatic detection tool life, the use of time testing
Motor protectHave overheating, overload, low voltage protection function
motor over loading checkHave Overload, the line is normal, low voltage protection function
Tool usable timeAutomatic detection tool life,
Data statisticSeparate board model, separating count, diverse counting methods
Error recordSoftware automatically records all alarms memory of machines
III. Accuracy 
Axis precision0.001mm
Cutting precision0.1mm
IV. Safety 
Working area protectWith four sealed protection
Door sensorFront and rear safety door micro-switch sensor (optional)
Exigency stop button 


4. Advantages:

1. Using double slide into place device, reduce the cutting waiting times, increase production capacity.

2. Avoid artificial flap caused by the cracking of tin and part damage and other issues.

3. Avoid using blunt or fold, produced by mechanical stress.

4. Suitable for the finished plate arc and line cutting.

5. Suitable for small pieces of the final cutting, base plate of a mobile phone, PDA, PC interface card and so on.

5. Detailed Photo:


Routing Bit Sectioning

The user may set a designated distance, and have the routing bit shift down in order to make a new section of touting bit to cut boards for multiplying the life of the routing bit.


2-Way Sliding Exchanger

This work exchanger provides a simultaneously in-and out working space to limit the idle time, which in turn reaches the utmost output value.


Multifunctional Automatic Tool/Blade Change System

When the cutting blade reaches its limit, the system will replace with a new blade and resume production automatically. It dramatically reduce configuration time, maintenance related personnel cost.


Tool Break Detection & Bit Drop Detection Sensor

During every routing task, this system will detect any variable change of bit, and notice the user with alarm system. Due to the reason that the condition of routing bit directly influences the cutting performance, we set up bit drop sensor to examine whether the bit is clipped properly and the using condition of bit.

Safety Area Sensor

Aurotek always pay our best attention to prevent any accident during operation with immediate stop function and abide by CE standard.

Off-Line Edited Program

The users only need to upload AUTO CAD DXF to Off-Line Edited Program, use mouse to simply create cutting program. Then use USB storage device to save the edited program and upload to machine USB port. Simple and efficient.


Linking Barcode Module & CIM / MES Function

In response to Industry 4.0 era, the new complete data-integration function can be easily setup and collects massive real-time production information and uploads it to the central terminal server instantly. Furthermore, to accompany to the needs of various manufacturers, this function is designed based on open source code for faster user customization. The new complete data-integration function allows the system manager to effortlessly monitoring the complete production status through a centralized monitoring center, and make any production schedule adjustment accurately and efficiently

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