High Efficiency Bonding 150*150mm FPC FFC to Pcb White Heat Pluse Soldering with 0.2mm Pin Distance

Hot press-YSHP-2A

It is suitable for hot-pressing welding between high density FPC, FFC, PCB and connector, which is the welding of cartridge chip. Applied in automobile, power supply, computer, household appliances, mobile phones, connectors, printers, LED and other industries.

Characteristic of YSHP-2A Cartridge Welding Machine of Cartridge Hot Press Machine:

1. According to different products, the heating rate can be adjusted.

2. Welding joints of special materials to ensure the average pressure of products.

3. Equipped with vacuum function, it is easier to adjust alignment.

4. Temperature numerical control, exquisite and precise.

5. A digital pressure gauge is available to predict the pressure range.

6. Microcomputer control, accurate and stable.

7. Programmable curve includes preheating and reflow temperature.

8. Suitable for all kinds of cartridge welding.

Technical parameters of cartridge welding machine YSHP-2A:

Maximum working area 110*150 mm

Working Pressure 0.5~0.7 Mpa

Machine Weight Drying Gas Source

Using voltage 220V AC

Machine size 310*380*400mm

Weight 25kg

Cartridge Hot Press Cartridge Welding Machine YSHP-2A

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