Double Station Automatic Depaneling PCB Router Machine 220V 4.2KW

CUD-880CN NG/OK Double Receiver

Performance characteristics:

1) This machine is mainly used at the end of SMT (DIP) production line. It is connected with online AOI (ICT). According to the NG/OK letter number given above, it can automatically store good and bad products in separate frames.

2) The control system is controlled by PLC. The touch screen is used in the operation interface. It is equipped with automatic alarm function. It has stable performance and convenient operation.

3) The frame structure is welded with sheet metal, and the surface is sprayed with a visibility window.

4) The lifting structure adopts motor lifting settings, and the effective setting step can be chosen; 10mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, and the frequency converter can be selected.

5) Receiving plate structure adopts motor type, and the speed of reclaiming plate can be set arbitrarily, which ensures that PCB will not be pushed down and reduces the process loss.

6) Up-in and down-out are adopted to enter the frame, which effectively shortens the time of changing the frame.

7) The load-shifting structure adopts the motor load-shifting mode. Starting and stopping can be accelerated and decelerated. The transmission is stable and the plate is not easy to punch.

8) Equipped with standard SMEMA signal port, it can be connected with any other equipment online.

9) Protective shield can be installed according to need (with three functions of dust-proof, static electricity-proof and safety).

Technical parameters:

1) PLC control system: Panasonic

2) Load-shifting motor: Mitsubishi servo motor

3) Lift motor: Panasonic + Inverter

4) Touch screen: Xinjie

5) Cylinder: SMC

6) Sensors (SENSOR): Panasonic, Omron, SICK

7) Relay: Omron

8) Power Switch: Omron

9) PCB conveying height: 900 + 20mm

10) PCB conveying thickness: 0.5-4.0T

11) PCB transmission direction: left-right or right-left

12) PCB Large Limit: M-TYPE 330*250mm

L-TYPE 460*330mm

LL-TYPE 510*380mm

XL-TYPE 510*460mm

13) PCB recovery speed: 5-15 seconds

14) Optional magazine replacement time: 15-25 seconds

15) Placeable frame: top and bottom

16) Power supply: AC110V/220V 50-60Hz 1.75A 380W

17) Gas supply: 4-6 kgf/cm 2

18) Weight: M-TYPE 285KG




19) Shape size: M-TYPE: 1655 mmL*1575 mmW*1715-2140 mmH

L-TYPE 2010 mmL*1735 mmW*1715-2140 mmH

LL-TYPE 2210mmL*1855mmW*1715-2140mmH

XL-TYPE 2210mmL*1995mmW*1715-2140mmH

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