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Fully automatic push-pull pulse welding machine YSPP-2A

It is suitable for hot pressing welding process between high density FPC, FFC, PCB and connector.

Characteristics of pulse hot press:

1. According to different products, the heating rate can be adjusted.

2. Welding joints of special materials to ensure the average pressure of products.

3. Equipped with vacuum function, it is easier to adjust alignment.

4. Temperature numerical control, clear and precise.

5. A digital pressure gauge is available to predict the pressure range.

6. microcomputer control, accurate and stable

7. Programmable Curves Include Preheating and Reflow Temperature

8. Suitable for all kinds of high density TAB, TCP bonding and FPC, FFC and PCB solder bonding

9. Low vibration, low noise and no voltage fluctuation.

10. Molybdenum alloy is used to replace the traditional titanium alloy in the welding joint, which has the advantages of fast temperature rise and cooling, good heat transfer coefficient and corrosion resistance.

11. Single head and double fixture design, high efficiency, saving labor costs.

Specification of Pulse Hot Press:

Machine Size: 700 x 800 x 950 mm (length/width/height)

Operating Dimension: 200 x 260 mm

Machine weight: 110 kg

Working Pressure: 0.4-0.7Mpa

Power supply: AC220V + 10% 50HZ, 2300W

Warming-up Settings: Two Sections Settings, Four Storage Procedures

Working environment: 10-60 C, 40-95%

Welding Pressure: 1~50Kg

Temperature Settings: Room Temperature ~500 C Error (+5 C)

Hot pressing time: 1-99s

Hot pressing accuracy: 0.2mm

Hot pressing head size: 90X5mm

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