0.001mm Precision PCB Router Machine PCB Depaneling With Dual Working Table

Multi-group multi-knife splitter-YSVJ-650

Product characteristics:

The transmission speed can be adjusted.

The width of a single separated PCB is 8-20 mm. The maximum cutting width is 300 mm.

Machine belt automatic feeding system;

The machine is equipped with safety protection device.

Cutting materials for PCB: aluminium, FR4, glass fiber.

Equipped with SMEMA connector, easy to connect with upstream machine

The machine uses touch screen and PLC to monitor production information.

Equipped with multiple sets of blades, the whole lamp board can be separated once.

The distance between upper and lower cutters can be adjusted accurately. The thickness range of PCB separation is 0.8MM-3.0MM.


Model YSVJ-650

(2) Total size L2160 * W 850 * H1050mm

Power supply 230V

(4) Import conveying length 850 mm

Vacuum cleaner

_Outlet conveying length 850 mm

_The number of separated blades is 20 groups of upper and lower blades, totaling 40 blades.

Maximum cutting length: unlimited

PCB thickness 0.6-5.0 mm

_The number of PCB bars separated at one time 11 LINES

_The separation width of a single PCB is 8-20MM.

_Maximum PCB width 240 mm or 300 mm

Maximum component height 30 mm

_Blade material SKD61

The average life of blade is 1,000,000 times (1.2 m long, 3 mm thick PCB)

Voltage 220V/50Hz or 110V

The machine weighs 210 kg.

Spacer spacing between urn blades

_Power 230V

Dumpling vacuum cleaner

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