Durable Table CNC Pcb Depaneling Router High Driving Speed 60000 mm / min

Gong-board machine-YSATM-4C

Basic specification

01. X, Y Cutting Speed: 0-100mm/s

02. Machine repetition accuracy: +0.01mm

03. X, Y1, Y2, Z control methods: industrial IPC and PC

04. X, Y1, Y2, Z Drive Mode: AC Optical Fiber Servo Motor

05. Machine operation and data storage: PC system

06. Cutting accuracy: +0.05 mm

07. Spindle speed: maximum 100000 PM

08. Main voltage: 220V150/60HZ

09. Pressure supply: 4.5kg/cm2 or more

10. Power consumption: 3KVA

11. Dust Collection: Upper Dust Collection 2HP

12. Dust collector voltage: 380V3

13. Size of upper dust collector: L650 * W400 * H1350mm

Model differences:

Workpiece Size Machine Size W.D.H Net Weight

Double table YSATM-4C-IN-AS standard 300*300 mm 1680*1298*1700 mm 1100 KG

Double table YSATM-4C-IN-AW widened 500*450mm 1902*1373*1700mm 1400KG

Product characteristics:

On-line automatic PCB separator can automatically load, cut and unload to meet the needs of automatic factory.

* It can automatically adjust the width and receive the PC board. At the same time, the finished PCB board and scrap can be identified automatically after cutting, thus saving labor costs.

With high-speed CCD and automatic vision alignment system, cutting accuracy and operation efficiency are greatly improved.

Use high-speed spindle to cut PCB, reduce cutting stress and improve accuracy. It is suitable for any type of PCB.

Double table movement can cut and place PCB at the same time to improve operation efficiency.


1) Double sliding device is adopted to reduce cutting waiting time and improve production capacity.

2) Avoid artificial flaps caused by tin cracks and component damage.

3) Avoid blunt or folding caused by mechanical stress.

4) Suitable for arc and wire cutting of finished plate.

5) suitable for mobile phones, PDA, PC interface cards, and so on.

Operational vision:

Diagrammatic window operation page, easy to learn and operate.

Edit the cutting program directly on the screen.

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