Two Slide PCB Separator PCB Router Machine With Smooth Cutting Edge

Product Profile:

1. The PCB cutting and milling cutter automatic splitter replaces manual breaking, V-CUT or PUSH cutting defects, effectively improves product quality and reduces external stress on the product.

2. Configuration of high-pixel CCD lens, assistant program teaching and editing functions, higher accuracy and more accurate.

3. Cutting PCB board with double platforms can reduce waiting time and improve productivity effectively.

Fourth, the functions of right and left workbench replication, block replication, display, multi-angle connection board replication, one-step tracking and modification, block editing and modification, accurately simplify the time of program production and improve editing efficiency.

5. Automatic MARK point positioning and correction system, real-time display of moving path and Simulation of route tracking, effectively improve the cutting accuracy.

6. Vacuum cleaner and high voltage electrostatic eliminating device made by high-power imported fan can improve the effect of dust collection.

7. Tool life monitoring of PCB cutting and milling cutter automatic splitting machine to prolong the life of milling cutter.

Specification parameters:

1. High Definition Color CCD Camera

2. Power consumption: 3KW

3. Weight: 1000KG

4. Spindle: MAX60000RPM

5.X.Y Working itinerary: 290*350 mm

6.X.Y.Z Driving Mode: AC Servo Motor

7. Operating Interface: PC WINDOW Platform

8. Dust collector: 3HP

9. Voltage of main engine and dust collector: 220V1/380V3

10. Cutting speed: 0-100mm/s

11. CCD recognizes MARK points with visual compensation function

12. Cutting accuracy: +0.02 mm

13. Repetition accuracy: +0.01 mm

Product characteristics:

A. The whole series is equipped with high-speed CCD vision automatic correction system to improve cutting accuracy and operation efficiency.

B. High-speed spindle splitting board, small cutting stress, high accuracy, suitable for irregular shape PCB board.

C. Dual working platform, can simultaneously perform cutting and circuit board placement, improve operational efficiency.

D. Self-developed dust collection device, low noise, improve efficiency, easy maintenance and cleaning.

Application industry:

Full automatic splitting machine is equipped with visual alignment correction function, which is more suitable for high precision and high productivity PCB cutting splitting operation. Such as mobile phones, automotive electronics, medical devices, aerospace. Widening and enlarging large size is suitable for the processing of dividing boards of large circuit boards such as digital TV, PC motherboard, server, etc. Standard fixture or special fixture can be used as assistant to improve productivity. Placing workpieces on double working platforms can reduce waiting time and increase productivity.

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