V Cut PCB Depanel Depaneling Aluminium Board MCPCB Strip Panel

V Cut PCB Depanel Depaneling Aluminium Board MCPCB Strip Panel

Servo Hydraulic Press Splitter-YSPE-30/80T

FPC Cutting Machine

Patent design, patent number:

The efficiency of punching semi-finished PCB, FPC and aluminium substrates.

(2) microcomputer control, interface between Chinese and English.

(3) Structural design is compact, rigid, easy to operate and safe to use.

The stamping height can be set arbitrarily.

_The lower die can enter and exit automatically, and the product can be taken and placed conveniently. The finished product can be dropped into drawer.

_Reduce the internal stress produced during cutting and avoid tin cracking.


1. Servo hydraulic punching. Fast speed, cutting speed 8 seconds/whole piece.

2. It is suitable for all kinds of FPC jigsaw cutting with the cutting accuracy of t0.03mm.

3. Punching pressure 30 tons, oil pressure temperature measurement alarm function.

4. Cutting table size (L*W) 460mm*400mm

5. Horizontal accuracy of platform precision sliding platform and die platform + 0.02mm, servo motor, servo driver, inductor and so on. The front and back sliding of the platform is accomplished by the control system, thus realizing the handling function of FPC.

6. The maximum tool die thickness T = 200 mm. It can be cut normally.

7. It has the function of automatic detection of load-cut height, high-precision guide rod, high-quality cylinder, oil pump, Panasonic motor, multi-oil pipeline, proportional valve, solenoid valve and so on. Through the control system, the pressure can be fine-tuned and the downward cutting is stable.

8. The drawer type of loading and cutting table (the cutting table is automatically returned to the operating position after cutting) is driven by servo motor with fast speed and high precision.

9. The number of pieces produced by touch screen display equipment can be set at will, and the number of pieces produced by the equipment can be set manually by the user, and the number of pieces produced by the equipment can be set manually by the user.


Equipment pressure display should show the measured value.

The pressure of the device can be set by itself in the touch screen. When entering the pressure adjustment interface, the non-operator password can be unlocked to adjust the parameters.

10. Control System

(1) PLC programmable controller and touch screen are used to control the whole operation process, which can be operated either automatically or manually.

(2) Do not stop in case of abnormal situation and set up sound and light alarm.

(3) There are emergency stop buttons and alarm devices at both ends of the equipment.

(4) The control panel is locked to prevent unauthorized personnel from modifying and setting parameters.

(5) Equipped with an independent distribution cabinet, the circuit is divided into functional blocks. Strong and weak current are divided into blocks for maintenance.

(6) Overload protection system is set up in the system.

11. touch screen

(1) It can set operation authority, control: point, manual, semi-automatic, output saving, statistics and error information storage.

(2) In the reference settings (engineer level needs to set permissions), we should be able to select and set the program (each station), real-time monitoring, parameter setting and other functions.

Servo Hydraulic Press Splitter Machine Model: YSPE-30/80T Patented Products/Machine Specifications

Model YSPE-30/80

Placement area 400*400

Output Machine Size 80 Tons 1500*1200*2300

Working mode Servo-hydraulic type

Working Pressure 0.5-0.7 Mpa

Working voltage 380V

Machine weight 1300KG

Machine size 1500 * 1200 * 2300 (LxWxHmm)

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