Automatic splitter automatic knife splitter

Automatic Tooling-YSV-3A

Product Profile:

1. YSV-3A-PCB fully automatic knife-type splitting machine, micro-computer control fully automatic splitting board, high efficiency at the same time with the advantages of knife-type splitting machine: stress small knife-type splitting to avoid circuit board dark damage, tin cracks and other issues, wide applicability, suitable for double-sided circuit boards with components.

2. Used PLC and touch screen man-machine interface control system, automatic fault stop display, intelligent parameter positioning system, can accurately realize the PCB equidistant or unequal distance V-CUT slot alignment at each step, set up a bit of manual function, the point function can manually point to realize the confirmation of the accuracy of V-CUT tool alignment, so as to better ensure the segmentation of the best quality production. Product.

This machine has memory storage function (can store 100 sets of data), which is easy to operate (as long as it is stored product data) directly download and use without setting, fast board change and partition, to achieve a machine multi-plate partition operation.

4. The machine also has user interface for operation technicians and user interface for engineering technicians. Operating technicians can download relative production product data using interface, but they can not change data. Engineers use interface with password input, and engineers can change and download data after password input.

Photographs of Main Structures in Machines

Photographs of Main Structures in Machines


1. High positioning accuracy.

2. The stress of the cutting plate is small.

3. Infrared light screen induction, high safety performance.

4. Automatically feeding and cutting board, higher efficiency.

5. It can be connected with the upper and lower board machines to save labor.

technical parameter

Project YSV-3A

Name PCB fully automatic knife-walking splitter

Shape size L/W/H 990mm*550mm*1250mm

Tool Size: Round Cutter 125 mm*3 mm Straight Cutter 400 mm*43.5 mm*6 mm

Tool Material Imported High Speed Steel

Tool Brand SKH-9

Thickness of parting plate

Plate length 1 mm-5 mm

Parting speed 300 mm/s

The optimum width of parting is 1mm-200mm (minimum width, non-whole width)

Working Pressure 0.5-0.8 MPa

Operating Voltage 220V/110V Optional

Equipment power 150W

Whole machine weight 200 kg

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