Take the knife PCB Cutter Machine Functions and works

Take the knife cutting board machine (plus conveyor belt), similar to the machine are: take the knife PCB Cutter Machine, that is just not the same as the installation of a conveyor belt YSV-2L can be diced PCB board transferred to the pipeline.

The cutting machine tool path selection, small stress, do not know the knife plate moving, to prevent the occurrence of damage circuit boards, tin bifida scene for cutting work of various PCB circuit board.

Function Features

Pass PCB Cutter Machine, useful to maintain the circuit board to prevent internal injury, tin crack scene;
It can be cut with a double-sided circuit board components;
Conveyor belt, facilitate good cutting board transferred to the pipeline;
Light curtain safety device + Knife two security guarantees to prevent employee injury;
PLC control passes, simple operation convenient;
Fine adjustment of the tool assembly, blade adjustment quickly and accurately;
Suitable for cutting glass fiber raw materials and raw material hardness similar PCB board.

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