PCBa Separator Product Features

1. Strict operation of the body, to prevent improper external force caused by PCB tin surface, electronic parts Solder joints, and other electrical circuits are damaged during the folding process.
2. Special round knife material design, to ensure that the PCBa Separator surface smoothness.
3. PCBa Separator travel distance control five-stage adjustment, you can quickly PCBa Separator for Different PCB
PCBa Separator size
1. Install high-frequency eye protection device to improve the operation quality of the operator.
2. Strengthen the safety device, to avoid human damage.
3.  Easy PCBa Separator Distance adjustment: easy to operate Adjust the PCBa Separator size of the contact button.
4. Cutter wheel pressure adjustment: use eccentric cam 0-2mm upper and lower cutter wheel gap adjustment.
5.  Double panel support design, so that double panel can be more firmly by PCBa Separator.
6.  PC board and the upper and lower knife was vertical rear baffle design, effectively increased A.PCBa Separator stability B. PCB board edge smoothness C. wheel life.
7.  Upper and lower guard board, machine safety light eye and emergency stop switch safety mechanism design, To ensure the safe use of the operator.

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