Automatic Hydrate Splitter-YSV-4A

Automatic Hydrate Splitter-YSV-4A


1. Aiming at the dividing board equipment developed by COB light source board, PLC touch screen is used to control the automatic feeding dividing board.

2. Convenient splitting of various COB substrates, spherical ED aluminum substrates, COB ceramic plates, etc.

3. Gas mixing design, double straight cutter, especially suitable for precise PCB board.

4. Hydrate cutter segmentation, suitable for all kinds of thickness PCB board, cutting board travel thickness of less than 2MM.

5. Anti-daze structure design, simple operation, safe production.

6. The efficiency of plate splitting is 5-6 times faster than that of traditional plate splitting machine.

7. When slitting, the micro-stress of the component is about 200, which can avoid tin cracking and damage the precision parts.

Project YSV-4A

1) Name Semiautomatic Hydrate Splitter

2) Outline size L/W/H(L)890X(W)550X(H)1090mm

3) Tool Size Tool Size Straight Cutter 230*45*6

4) Tool material imported high speed steel

5) tool brand made by Yushun

6) Router thickness 0.5-3.0 mm (one third of V-CUT thickness)

7) Plate size L100*W200MM (customizable)

8) Plate splitting speed Router speed 1 knife/2s

9) Working Pressure Air Pressure O.5-0.8 MPa

10) Voltage 220V Operating Voltage Optional

11) Equipment Power 120W

12) Weight about 150 kg

Product Profile:

1. PLC precisely controls automatic partitioning board and butts up the board machine, which can realize unattended automatic partitioning board operation.

2. Semiconductor product sub-board design.

3. Automatic feeding of specific cartridges and anti-daze function.

4. Using the method of chopping cutter to divide the board, the stress is small and the quality of the dividing board is high.

5. Automatic feeding, automatic pendulum and cage.

6. The whole process does not need manual operation, which has a certain protective effect on the product.

Work flow:

(1) Manually insert the special cartridge containing the product into the machine

(2) Machine automatic positioning material box, pneumatic rod pushing products to machine positioning fixture

(3) The product is clamped by a manipulator and fed into a splitter.

(4) The splitter starts splitting according to the set procedure.

(5) Back-end manipulator to pick up products and put them into positioning metallurgical tools

(6) The pendulum manipulator absorbs the product and carries on the pendulum

(7) Machine completes a workflow

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