Four-axis precision PCB Router Depanleing machine

Automatic PCB Router Machine - YSVC-600

Host + dust collector weight800 KG
Machine size: 1075mm×1430mm×1460mm(D×W×H)
Cutting accuracy: ±0.08mm
Splitting stress value: below 300uε
Dust collector power3HP (option 5HP)
NSK spindle speed: Max.60,000rpm
CCD camera calibration accuracy: ±0.01mm
Dust collection cabinet size: 640mm×785mm×1760mm(D×W×H)
X-Y AC Servo speed: 0-1000mm/sec
Tool diameter: 0.8-2.3mm
X-Y repeatability: ±0.02mm
Unilateral working size: 290mm X 350mm
Four-axis servo drive: X, Y1, Y2, Z
Z AC Servo Speed: 0-800mm/sec
PCB board cutting thickness: 0.2mm-6.0mm

1.Automatic PCB Router Machine adopts High-speed NSK spindle to cut andDepaneling, which greatly reduces the Cutting stress, has high precision, smallinertia and fast response. 

2. Grating safety facilitiesare installed in the PCB pick-and-place area of the double Y-axis worktable toavoid manual misoperation and meet public safety requirements.

3.The window operation interface is friendly to switchbetween Chinese and English, and the window operation interface is shown in thefigure. The editing program is simple and can quickly complete the multi-pointprogram.

4.Multi-layer management authority of software usersto prevent misuse and other behaviors.

5.Automatic PCB Router Machine The vacuumingunder the fully adopts a sealed design, and the suction port adopts a 45-degreeoblique angle to reduce the eddy current generated by the dust inside.

6. The upper vacuuming structure (optional) adoptselectrostatic brush to seal the cutting point, and independently vacuums thesingle cutting point, which greatly improves the vacuuming effect.

7.The milling cutter detection system adopts aphotoelectric sensor to monitor the milling cutter status in real time,effectively preventing the phenomenon of continuing operation after the cutteris broken.

8.The software sets the milling cutter segmentationfunction, automatically lowers the cutter compensation, prolongs the servicelife of the milling cutter and reduces the cost.

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