Multi-axis automatic locking screw machine

▲ (1) Introduction of online automatic locking screw machine

The online automatic locking screw machine is generally used in conjunction with the assembly line to achieve unmanned operation.

Through the cooperation with the assembly line, the inflow and outflow of the product, the online automatic locking screw machine can realize the work of sending screws, locking screws, detecting and rejecting defective products. Achieve true unmanned operation.

Online automatic locking screw machine

▲ (two) online automatic lock screw machine advantages

1. Strong versatility. It is small in size and can be used in conjunction with production lines to replace products.

2. High efficiency. Several electric batches work at the same time, which can replace many workers; for example, four electric batch table type automatic locking screw machines are installed, and four screws are locked and locked at one time. The machine can lock several products at the same time. The number of Z-axis electric batches can be customized according to customer requirements.

3. The Y-axis can be made into double-station (ie double-Y-axis) as needed, and the operator can alternately load and unload.

4. Reduce the labor intensity of workers. Traditional manual placement of screws and alignment of the screw heads requires a lot of work time and effort.

5. High degree of automation. The operation is simple, and the staff speeds up the operation and debugging. A worker can manage several machines at the same time. Save labor.

6. Torque is accurate. Easy to adjust and ensure the quality of the lock.

7. The blown screw is delivered directly to the batch nozzle compared to the aspirating type. It saves time for screwing back and forth and is more efficient. more stable.

▲ (4) On-line automatic locking screw machine performance and parameters

Machine construction Machine gross weight: about 100KG

Dimensions: height 730* length 783* width 693 (according to customer product size)

Power: AC 220V 50HZ

Power: 300W

Ambient temperature: -20~40 degrees

Rack: steel table top, aluminum frame

Control Description Human Machine Interface Touch Screen

Program input direct coordinate teaching input

Host program control Omron PLC

Communication Serial port RS232C, computer communication software

Speed and accuracy Positioning accuracy X, Y: +/- 0.02mm

Z: +/-0.02mm

Operating speed 500mm/sec (X-Y)

Screw machine, automatic nail feeder, can be placed on the workbench.

Number of automatic nail feeders According to the number of lock screws, one machine can send 2 screws

Screwdriver Kelly Speed Electric Batch Kelly Speed Electric Batch (torque according to customer product configuration)

The number of Z-axis electric batches is 1-4.

Scope of application XY lock payment range: customized according to customer's products.

Z-axis lock payment range: customized according to customer's products.

Test item: Screw slip detection

Screw leak lock detection

Screw leak detection

Handling defective products Alarm light and buzzer prompt

▲ (5) online automatic lock screw machine composition and design instructions

(1) Structural composition: It mainly consists of automatic screw conveying system, X-Y-Z moving platform, lock screw mechanism and electrical control system.

(2) Replacement of the product: The fixture can be directly replaced, and the corresponding program can be transferred to produce.

(3) The time to lock a screw is about 1.2s. (Depending on the length of the screw, there is a slight difference).

(4) The locking screw is: the supplied model automatic screw, which allows the incoming material dimensional tolerance to be ±0.2mm.

(5) The lock-up product is: according to the product sample provided by the customer.

(6) Fixture: According to the product design, accurate positioning and easy replacement are required.

(7) The product must not be damaged during use (such as product deformation, scratches, appearance damage, etc.).

(8) Reliability and stability: Under the premise of qualified product quality, the equipment can work continuously and stably every day, with low failure rate and adapt to the needs of large-scale production;

▲ (6) online automatic locking screw machine compared with traditional electric batch

The machine automatically locks the screw according to the set coordinates

Efficiency 1.2 seconds lock 1 time, 1 lock 2 screws 2 seconds lock 1


Can reduce employees

1 person homework can save 2-3 people with multi-person work

Labor intensity Automatic alignment of the machine Need to take the screw, move it, put it on the screwdriver head, and then align the hole lock screw.

▲ (seven) the advantages of online automatic lock screw machine

It adopts ball screw + linear guide transmission with high precision and stable operation for a long time.

Using servo drive There is no stepping motor stepping out and the running speed is higher.

PLC control The specially developed lock screw control system is user-friendly.

Contour point input is convenient for intelligent input, and coordinate point input is very simple.

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