Routing / Die Cutting PCB Depaneling Machine With 355nm Laser Wavelength

1. Laser cutting machine YSV-4A, double platform, greatly improve production efficiency, is specially designed for FPC and PCB processing equipment.

2. High-performance lasers: Solid-state ultraviolet lasers with international first-line brands have the advantages of good beam quality, small focus spot, uniform power distribution, small thermal effect, small slit width and high cutting quality, which are the guarantee of perfect cutting quality.

2. Efficient and fast FPC/PCB shape cutting, drilling and covering window opening, fingerprint identification chip cutting, TF memory card partition board, mobile camera module cutting and other applications.

3. Full automatic positioning: High-precision CCD automatic positioning, focusing, so that positioning fast, accurate and high accuracy, without manual intervention. 

4. Simple operation, realizing the same type of one-key mode, greatly improving production efficiency.

5. Cut into blocks, layers, designated blocks or selected areas and shape directly. Cut edges are smooth, smooth, without burrs and glue spills.

6. The product can be arranged in matrix for automatic positioning and cutting, especially for fine, difficult, complex patterns and other shape cutting.

7. Exhaust gas treatment system: The suction system can eliminate all cutting exhaust gas, avoiding the harm to operators and pollution to the environment.

Technical parameters of the project:

(1) Main body size (length * width * height) 1680mm * 1650mm * 1800mm

(2) The width of the slit is 20+5 um

(3) Laser machine weight 2000KG

Laser power 10W/15W (ultraviolet)

_Material thickness < 1.5mm (depending on the actual material)

Scanning speed 1-900 mm/ms

The accuracy of the whole machine is (+20 micron)

_Laser power supply AC220V/3.5KW

Laser source ultraviolet laser

_Platform positioning accuracy (+2 um)

_Platform repetition accuracy (+2 micron)

_Cutting width 350mm * 400mm / 350mm * 400mm (double platform)

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