Semi Automatic Dicing system YSL-1000SD

Basic Description
The dicing system, refers to install a slim blade for special cutting at the head of the spindle,cut off glass, ceramic, semiconductor chip, PCB, EMC wire frame and other materials with high accuracy by using spindle’s high-speed rotation driving the cutting blade.
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Operation procedures
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Wafer or Strip      Tape mounting         Dicing                Cleaning                UV seperation
Description of Semi-auto dicing
The semi-auto dicing system, refers to a dicing system that loader and unloader by hand and  only the procedure is automated in the process of dicing. The system is not equipped with  automatic cleaning, drying, etc.
Main procedures
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    Feeding by hand          Position align                  Auto-cutting                   Unloading by hand
1.Operator manually place  the material being cut on  work platform.

2.The cutting position is automatically calibrated.

3.Press the start button to automatically complete the dicing process of material.

4.Operator take the material manually being cut from the work platform.



Automatic dicing system is widely used in semiconductor chip, LED chip and EMC lead frame, PCB, IR filter, sapphire glass and ceramic thin plate’s precision cutting .
Semi-dicing system YSL-1000SD 3
          Ceramic substrate                      Silicon rubber                                Lead frame
Semi-dicing system YSL-1000SD 4
                  Silicon wafer                                     PCB                                             Glass
Operating Requirements
1.Please use the clean compressed air that its atmospheric pressure dew point is in the -10 ~ -20℃, and the residual oil is divided into 0.1ppm, the filtering accuracy is above 0.01um/99.5%.
2.Please use the equipment in a room of temperature between 20 ~ 25 ℃, and its fluctuation range control at ±1℃.

3.Please control the temperature of the cutting water at 22 ~ 27 ℃(variation ranges in ±1℃ ), the cooling water at 20 ~ 25 DEG C (variation ranges within plus or ±1℃).

4.Please avoid the equipment to be impacted and any vibration of the outside world. In addition, please do not install the equipment near the device like blower and vent that produces a high temperature and a device that generates oil mist.

5.Please avoid the equipment to be impacted and any vibration of the outside world. In addition, please do not install the equipment near the device like blower and vent that produces a high temperature and a device that generates oil mist.

6.Please follow the product manual we provided for operation strictly.


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Semi-dicing system YSL-1000SD Features of products
1.Using touching LCD to operate. The interface design is simple and easy. Provide a variety of languages such as Chinese, English, Korean, etc.
2.Can meet the high precision cutting maximum diameter of 300 mm materials.
3.High rigidity structure design is adopted to ensure high precision and high stability of cutting process.
4.CCD automatic align.
5.Real-time monitoring of the system's air pressure, water pressure, current and other values to avoid spindle damage.
6.Cutting Spindle : 2.4 kw × 1set (Max: 60,000 rpm)
7.Repeat positioning accuracy: 0.001mm
8.Cutting speed: 0.05 ~ 400 mm/sec
9.Standard matching blade: 2 Inch (Max: 3 Inch)
Case Sharing
Semi-dicing system YSL-1000SD 7


System compositionprojectUnitSpecification
Dimensions of processingmmΦ300
Dimensions of working platformmmΦ350
X-axisWorking strokemm340
Cutting speedmm/sec0.05 ~ 400
Y-axisWorking strokemm310
Repeat positioning accuracymm0.001 / 310
Z-axisWorking strokemm60 (2 Inch blade)
Θ-axisAngle of rotationDeg360
SpeedRpm5000 ~ 60000
Machine’s specificationsPower supplyV3P 220 (50 ~ 60 Hz)
Machine powerKW4
Power air pressureMPa0.5 ~ 0.6
Air consumptionL/min200
Cutting water consumptionL/min4
Cooling water consumptionL/min1.5
Physical dimensionmm1040×1080×1750
Machine net weightKG850


Other Discription
Optional equipment
1.Function of blade damage detection;
2.Automatic setting function;
3.Dicing visual function;
4. Using dicing blade with 3 Inch.
Semi-dicing system YSL-1000SD 8
Ordinary 8 inch working platform can only put 2pcs material.
SDS1000/ADS2000 equipped with 12 inch chunk. It can be placed 4pcs material each time.
Semi-dicing system YSL-1000SD 9
1.Reduce the loading times;
2.Meet the larger size of the product;
3.Promote more than 8% efficiency.
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