In- Line Vision- Aided Automatic PCB Separator YS330AT

Basic parameter Specifications:


2. XYZ drive mode: ac servo motor


4. Program teaching mode: color ccd image intuitive teaching input


6. Upper vacuum power: 2hp, lower dust collector power: 3hp (option 5hp)


8. X-Y ac servo speed: 0-1000mm/sec;


Z ac servo speed: 0-800mm/sec


11. Cutting accuracy: ±0.02mm


13. Plate stress value: 300uε below


15. Pcb board cutting thickness: 0.2mm-6.0mm


17. Power consumption: 3.5kva


19. Vision system: high resolution digital camera


21. Mechanical fetching and releasing arm: anti-static vacuum suction nozzle


23. Discharging mode: belt conveying or vehicle output or rail conveying


25. Flow direction: left → right


27. Control mode: special controller


29. Machine size: 2014mm×1230mm×1650mm(d×w×h)


Two. Introduction to device configuration


The product is clamped to the plate and placed on the processing platform. After the processing is completed, the clamping and placing track of the plate fixture is taken again and flows into the next process.

 On-line automatic board splitter 0

On-line automatic board splitter 1


On-line automatic board splitter 2


After the product cutting is completed by the online automatic plate splitter, the material clamping claw will take the entire product jig and place the discharging track to transport the next production process.


4.Automatic tool change mode

b. Built-in five groups of milling cutter library, easy to automatically replace the milling cutter, to meet the needs of plate processing.


On-line automatic board splitter 4


a. Take and release device: automatic loading and unloading (modular vacuum suction claw, vacuum device, can be independently controlled)

c. Board speed: 0-1000mm/sec (adjustable)


On-line automatic board splitter 5


Vacuum sucker feeding shaft to cut the product one-time vacuum suction, place the special product fixture to transport the next production process.


On-line automatic board splitter 6

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