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Yu Shun Technology brand is a positive instrument brands. Yu Shun FPC ultraviolet laser cutting machine, FPC laser cutting machine is mainly used CVL, FPC, RF, and thin plywood cut to shape. Technology has been committed to being the PCB industry equipment R & D and production, the company

The FPC laser cutting machines, by the majority of customers.

FPC UV laser cutting machine, FPC laser cutting machine use:

Available for flexible circuit boards and organic coating for precision cutting without mold or protective plate fixation. By using a laser source of high energy and precise control of the laser beam can effectively improve the processing speed and to obtain a precise machining result.

  FPC ultraviolet laser cutting machine, FPC laser cutting machine characterized by:

1, with control software with independent intellectual property rights, user-friendly interface, complete functions, simple operation;

2, can process any graphics, cutting different thicknesses and different materials can be processed and the synchronization is complete hierarchical; optical system design optimization to ensure high beam quality, reduce the focused spot size, to ensure precision;

3, using high-performance UV laser with wave length, high beam quality, higher peak power characteristics. Due to ultraviolet light through decomposition, vaporization rather than melting materials processing to achieve, so almost no post-processing glitches, small thermal effect, no points

Layer, the effect of cutting precision, smooth, steep sidewalls.

4, using vacuum fixed sample, no mold protection plate is fixed, convenient, improve processing efficiency.

5, can cut a variety of substrate materials, such as: silicon, ceramic, glass and the like.

6, automatic correction, automatic positioning function, multi-plate cutting, automatic thickness measurement and compensation, motor Bank and compensation, working better uniformity and small machining depth fluctuations, higher processing efficiency of complex graphics.

FPC UV laser cutting machine, FPC laser cutting machine Technical parameters:

Solid-state UV laser source laser wavelength: 355nm

Laser power: 10W

Maximum processing format: 610mm X 500mm (24 "X 18") or 610X500mm

XY platform maximum operating speed: 50m / min

Positioning accuracy: ± 3um

Repeatability: ± 1um

System precision: ± 20um

  Galvanometer scanning range: 50mm X 50mm

Cutting thickness: <1mm

Power and Power: AC220V 50Hz / 2.2KW; three-phase 380V 50Hz / 5.5KW

Welcome home Requirements: 516m3 / h

Dimensions: 1818mm X 2317mm X 1550mm

Weight: 3500Kg

Ambient temperature: 20 ℃ ± 2 ℃

Humidity: <60% RH non-condensing

Ground Amplitude: <5um

Vibration acceleration: <0.05g

Ground pressure: 2200kgf / m2

Industry-specific control equipment, electric clothes formulated flexible processing software dedicated motion control card and IPC control mode

With 17 monitors, hard drives over 300G standard G code, Gerber data, CAD

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