Automatic loading unloading depaneling-YSVC-650

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Model Number:YSVC-650
 Working Area: 330mm x 330mm
Precision of Cutting: ± 0.1mm
Positioning Accuracy:   ± 0.02mm
  Number of axes in use: 8
 Cutting Speed (Max.): X, Y, Z: 100mm/sec
Route planning:Direct coordinate input or manual Guiding with 10 x CCD camera
Dimensions: 2484 x 1067 x 1814
Weight: 710kg
Working hight: 90cm±5cm
PCB loading/unloading: Automatic

Automatic loading unloading depaneling-YSVC-650

Product Description:

1.   A fully Loading/ unloading automatic processing in-line machine.

2.   2-way sliding work exchanger to limit the idle time and simultaneously loading and unloading to reaches the utmost output value.

3.    Friendly Touch Panel with 10X CCD Camera to minimize the time of programming.

4.    Auto fiducial mark point check and cutting route auto compensation to insure the cutting accuracy.

5.   Automatic router bit check to prevent the bit break incomplete cutting.

9. Loading / Unloading The width of conveyer can be adjusted to fit the different size of works.

10. The pick-and-place device improves the efficiency of the loading and unloading process.

11. 2-way Sliding Exchanger This work exchanger provides a simultaneously in-and-out working space to limit the idle time, which in turn reaches the utmost output value.

12. Touch Panel Monitor Graphical User Interface (GUI) is adopted, and enables the user to operate by the touch panel easily.

13. Friendly GUI Windows system and Graphical User Interface (GUI) is adopted, which enables the user to learn and use the program easily.

14. A 10 x zoom-in image is shown on screen for setting all points.

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