Automatic Fpc / PCB Cutting Machine , Pneumatic Pcb Separator / Depanelizer

Automatic Fpc / PCB Cutting Machine , Pneumatic Pcb Separator / Depanelizer-YSVJ-650



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2. The machine adopts computer screen control unit has a counter, can be preset process yield, up and down cutter cutting the gap with a display screen visual display;Multi-group knife


3.  When PCB board sub-board cut, one can cut a plurality of plates;
4.  The whole machine cutter wheel trim: 0-5mm;

5.  distance between the knife and the knife can be adjusted for cutting a single PCB board width of 15-20mm;
6.  Imported SKH51 high-speed steel blade, wear-resistant, long life;
7. Cut speed can be set by the board to facilitate adjustment knob;
8.  scoreboard stroke limitation;
9. PC board split thickness: 0.2-5.0mm;
10.  conveyor belt line drawings can be installed on a separate PCB board can be sent directly out easy job, you can direct docking with the water pull, reducing take place;
11.  This machine acceptable to accommodate the LED panels, fiberboard, aluminum plate (400mm above the long plate) and special plates segmentation;
12.  The machine uses simpler knife sub-board operation, high efficiency for the production batch.
Third, the technical instructions:

1.2 M Light Strip PCB Separation PCB Depaneling Machine 0.2-5.0 Mm PC Board Split Thick
Maximum scoreboard length: unlimited
Min thickness: 0.6-5.0mm
Sent to board speed: 300-500mm / sec
Blade Material: SKD11
Working temperature: 10-35 ℃
Storage temperature: -20-50 ℃
Power: 230V
Dimensions: 2160mm * 570mm * 1050mm

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