Automatic knife dividing machine PCB automatic board machine

Automatic PCB depaneling   Model:YSV-3A

Product introduction:
1. YSV-3A PCB automatic pcb depaneling machine, microcomputer-controlled automatic sub-board, high efficiency at the same time all kinds of advantages of the knife-        type sub-board machine: stress small knife-type partition to avoid circuit board dark injury, tin Cracks and other issues, wide applicability, suitable for double-sided            circuit boards with components.
2. It adopts PLC and touch screen man-machine interface control system, automatic fault shutdown display, intelligent parameter positioning system, can accurately              realize PCB equidistant or not equal distance v-cut groove every step alignment, set a little moving function, inching The function can be manually jogged to confirm          the       v-cut accuracy of the knife, so as to ensure better segmentation of the best quality product.
3. This machine has a memory storage function (100 sets of data can be stored), this function is convenient to operate (as long as it is stored product data) directly               download and use without having to set, quick change plate split, to achieve a machine a variety of plate-type segmentation operations .
4, the machine also has an operating technician interface and the use of engineering technicians interface, operating technicians use the interface to download the               relative production of product data, but the data can not be changed, the engineering technician using the interface is the password with the password input after the       engineering technician can Download changes to data, etc.

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