Pneumatic Type PCB Separator Cutting Short Alum Board with Two Linear Blades

Parameters of Punch Plate Separator--YSPE


1. Punching die.

2. Compact structure, strong fuselage, 125, 160, 200 cylinder diameter Taiwan Yadeke.

3. The equipment runs smoothly with low vibration and noise.

4. Chinese touch screen display, clear panel, Chinese alarm function display, abnormal alarm at a glance.

5. The equipment is universal. Various moulds can be replaced, and the change of moulds is convenient and fast.

Equipment safety:

1. Double switch two hands action start.  

2. Equipments are equipped with the slideway of lower die in and out, and the lower die is automatically in and out, so the product is convenient and safe to take and place.  

3. Set up emergency shutdown switch and shut down in time when problems are found.  

4. Set up the safety door to avoid the wrong hand entry when installing and debugging the mould. (No safety door does not work during normal operation)

5. Set up a safety door shooting device, and place a wrong plate on the die. The shooting device can sense errors, and the die can not enter.  

6. Safety air pressure setting function, alarm for exceeding limit. Automatic counting, over-limit shutdown.

7. Minimizing the internal stress and avoiding tin cracking

8. Punching semi-finished PCB. FPC efficiency is very high, the world's top 500 designated product suppliers.  


1. Size: 820 *740 *1750mm

2. Punching force: 3T 8T 10T

3. Cylinder return opening force: 1.5T 4T 5T

4. Dry gas source with working pressure of 0.50-0.70 Mpa

5. Placement area 330 x 220 mm

6. Use voltage 220VAC

7. Travel speed: 8-15 seconds adjustable (excluding the time of picking up parts from the plate)

8. Working itinerary: > 60mm

9. Work noise: <60dB

10. Working accuracy: +0.05 mm

11. Machine weight 580 kg

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